Huizhou Zhanci Hardware Products Co.,Ltd

About Us Huizhou Zhanci Hardware Products Co., Ltd was established in Huizhou City in 2017 and is one of the young leading manufacturers specializing in the production of cold forming tools of screw, bolt, nut, cold forging dies, punches, knock out pins, second header punches, recess pin punches, multi die punches, thread rolling dies, wire drawing dies, press dies, press tools, trimming dies, tungsten carbide heading dies, alloy steel dies, alloy steel tools, segmented tungsten carbide

Hot Products

    • Tungsten Carbide Screw Cold Heading Die

      Tungsten Carbide Screw Cold Heading Die

      Tungsten carbide die include heading main die, 1st punch and 2nd punch, etc.
      Main die is to form the body of the screw and punches are to form the screw head.
      For producing different size & style screw, it’s necessary to change different dies & punches.

    • Carbide Heading Dies

      Carbide Heading Dies

      a) Extrude pitch diameter and cone
      b) Upset head
      c) Trim

    • Tungsten Carbide Die

      Tungsten Carbide Die

      The geometry the drawing die are specific to the application and can involve standard shapes(round, square, rectangle, or hexagon) and intricate shapes based customer CAD drawings.