Fastener Forming Tools

Fastener Forming Tools

Cut-off Blade
Cut-off Die
Carbide Heading Die

Product Details

Heading Machine Forming Tools:

Cut-off Blade

Cut-off Die

Carbide Heading Die

Knock Out Pin

Case For Second Punch

Second Punch

Phillips Punch

Case for First Punch

First Punch

First Punch Ejector

First Punch Spring

First Punch Spring Retainer

Feed Roller – One Set = 2 PCS

Screw & Bolt Forming Tools:

Carbide Dies

Carbide Wafers

Carbide Segmental Dies

Punch Insert

Recess Pin Punch

Pin Holder

Thread Rolling Dies

Flat Dies

Extrusion Pin

Piercing Punch

Carbide Pin

Recess Punch Insert

Recess Punch Pin Holder

Hexagon Bolt Head Trimming Dies

Customized Tools

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Minimum Order:1 Sets

Screw Production Process
First, the purpose is to heat the wire to a proper temperature, keep it for a certain time, then cool it slowly, so as to adjust the crystalline structure, reduce the hardness and improve the processability of the wire at room temperature. _2. Work flow:
(1) Feeding: The products that need to be treated should be hoisted in the furnace, and the cover of the furnace should be tightened. Generally, 7 volumes (about 1.2 tons/volume) can be processed simultaneously in one furnace. A kind of
(2) Warming up: Slowly raise the temperature in the furnace (about 3-4 hours) to the specified temperature. Chinese style
Thirdly, heat preservation: material 1018 and 1022 wires are kept for 4-6 hours at 680-715, material 10B21, 1039, CH38F wires are kept for 5.5-7.5 h at 740-760. A kind of
(4) Cooling: Slow down the temperature in the furnace (about 3-4 hours) to below 550 (?) C, then cool down with the furnace to normal temperature. Quality control:
1. Hardness: The hardness of 1018 and 1022 wire is HV120-170 after annealing, and that of medium carbon wire is HV120-180 after annealing. A kind of
2. Appearance: No oxide film and decarbonization are allowed on the surface.

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