Wood Screw Dies

Wood Screw Dies

Chipboard Screw
Drywall Screw
Taptitle Screw

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Thread Rolling Dies for Tapping Screw

The thread rolling dies we supply for customers including:

Machine Screw

Tapping Screw

Wood Screw

Chipboard Screw

Drywall Screw

Taptitle Screw

Please specify the details of thread rolling dies as follows when you inquire or order:

1. The material of rolling die plates you need or the material of screw you used.

2. The type of thread rolling dies for machine thread or tapping screw.

3. The screw head shape/ type, for example: round head, Pan Head, C.S.K and so on.

4. The screw type, size, length and major diameter/rolling shank, for example: T-B, #3-28Tx11/4, 2.00mm~2.05mm.

5. The machine Model/Maker, die plates size, for example: GV-2 24x55x112/131(5¡ã)

6. The special specification out of standard is also available, but necessarily with a drawing for reference.


In cold forming how do you determine what specials and on what machine a part could be made?

The first task is to draw a proposed forming sequence. This should allow you to determine the wire size, number of dies, machine size and specials required. At times it may be necessary to draw a complete or partial die assembly layout to determine these facts. Extreme care should be taken while making and analyzing these drawings.

What purpose does the safety block behind the ¡°stock gage punch pin¡± serve on a Cold Nut Former?

After the cutoff blank is carried up to the first die and upset, the stock gage punch pin is pulled back into the cutter so that the cutoff slide can return down. Since a spring is used to pull back the stock gage punch pin, there is the danger of it jumping back more than the required amount. When this happens, the stock gage punch pin will come down on top of the stock gage and adjusting screw thus breaking something or preventing the cutter slide from returning to its down position.

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