Daily maintenance of wire drawing dies

- May 31, 2019-

During long-term use of the wire drawing die, the mold wall is strongly rubbed and washed by the metal wire, which inevitably causes wear. The most common is the occurrence of an annular groove (dent) in the working area wire into the LJ. The appearance of the die hole is intensified, because the small core material of the core material which is peeled off due to looseness on the ring groove is brought into the working area and the sizing area of the die hole by the metal wire, plays the role of the abrasive, and the wire entering the die hole Then the wear of the die hole is aggravated like a grinding pin. If it is not replaced in time for repair, the ring groove will continue to accelerate and expand, making the repair more difficult, and even the crack may appear deep in the annular groove, so that the wire drawing die is completely broken and scrapped.

It is known from experience that it is very economical to develop a set of standard standards and strengthen daily maintenance. Once any slight wear of the wire drawing mold occurs and the polishing is performed in time, the time taken to restore the drawing die to the original polishing state is short, and the hole shape of the wire drawing die does not change significantly.