Drawing method of drawing die

- Mar 31, 2019-

A. Modeling Guide - Four Steps of Drawing and Modeling and Key Data Calculation Methods

Summary: The drawing die is the work of determining the drawing pass and the drawing die hole size and shape according to the blank size and the wire size when drawing the wire, which is also called the drawing process or the drawing route. Can be divided into single pass wire drawing and multi-pass wire drawing. The main steps of the drawing die include the following four steps: 1. selecting the blank; 2. determining the number of intermediate annealing; 3. determining the drawing pass and the distribution pass extension coefficient; 4. matching the die check. And the metal wire drawing of the profiled section, the wire drawing mode and the calculation method are specifically introduced.

2. Introduction to the principle of matching the drawing machine and the calculation of the matching mode

Summary: Wire drawing is a method of selecting each drawing line during the drawing process. There are two main points for reasonable mold matching. One is the machine; the sliding type wire drawing machine has its fixed wire wheel speed ratio, and the calculation example of the actual drawing type drawing machine is used to calculate the 7.2mm copper rod to 1.6mm copper wire. number