How should the wire drawing die be maintained

- Mar 12, 2019-

I bought a wire drawing die. Everyone cares about how to operate the specification, how to maintain the wear-resistant problem. Today, people who have a wire drawing die or want to buy a wire drawing die should share how the wire drawing mold should be maintained.

After using the cemented carbide tungsten steel wire drawing die for a period of time, its internal parts will wear out gradually, resulting in damage, resulting in lower working performance and precision of the carbide drawing die. Due to the operator's carelessness and improper maintenance, tungsten will also be used. The steel wire drawing die is damaged or the product quality is degraded, and even the production is stopped. How to eliminate and avoid these failures? This requires the number of cemented carbide mold fitters to master the relevant mold repair technology, so that it can be handled at any time and can be processed and repaired at any time. It can restore normal use as much as possible and has the greatest potential of the mold.