How to improve the quality of drawing die

- Jun 12, 2019-

In order to improve the competitiveness of production, the foreign metal products industry pays more and more attention to the quality of the drawing die and the improvement of the manufacturing process. Starting from the improvement of the life of the wire drawing die, the material, structure, manufacturing process, manufacturing equipment and inspection and removal instruments of the wire drawing die are carried out. The research of the system has developed a new composite drawing die, a new drawing die material, a new surface coating technology, and a new hole design method for the wire drawing die, which has promoted the development of the world's wire drawing production. China is a big wire producer and its output ranks among the top in the world. China's wire drawing die manufacturing industry has developed rapidly since the 1980s. With the continuous improvement of the wire drawing die manufacturing level and the continuous improvement of the production process, China's wire drawing die manufacturing technology has developed progressively, especially in the material of the wire drawing die. There has been considerable progress in the structure and so on, but in general there is still a big gap with foreign countries. Although the types of wire drawing molds produced in foreign countries are similar to those in China, the materials and processes used are more advanced. The processing precision, durability and wear resistance of wire drawing dies are superior to those of our products. Therefore, strengthening the mold management, improving the quality of the drawing die, and promoting the advancement of the molding process technology are important issues currently facing the molding industry.