Overview of several common materials for wire drawing dies(2)

- Apr 30, 2019-

(4) Polycrystalline diamond is formed by a carefully selected high quality synthetic diamond single crystal and a small amount of a bonding agent such as silicon or titanium, which is polymerized under high temperature and high pressure conditions. Polycrystalline diamond has high hardness and good wear resistance. Compared with other materials, it has its own unique advantages: due to the anisotropy of natural diamond, during the drawing process, when the entire hole is around When working, the natural diamond will have preferential wear at a certain position of the hole; and the polycrystalline diamond is polycrystalline and has the characteristics of isotropic, thereby avoiding the phenomenon that the die hole is unevenly worn and the die hole is not round. Compared with cemented carbide, the tensile strength of polycrystalline diamond is only 70% of the commonly used cemented carbide, but 250% harder than the hard alloy, so that the polycrystalline diamond mold has more advantages than the cemented carbide mold. . The wire drawing die made of polycrystalline diamond has good wear resistance, uniform inner hole wear, strong impact resistance, high wire drawing efficiency, and the price is much cheaper than natural diamond. Therefore, polycrystalline diamond wire drawing dies are widely used in the wire drawing industry.

5) CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) It has the advantages of single crystal diamond smoothness, temperature resistance, wear resistance of polycrystalline diamond and low price, and it is very good in replacing the rare natural diamond to prepare the drawing die tool. Good results, its widespread use will bring new vitality to the wire drawing industry.

(6) High-performance ceramic materials have the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, strong chemical stability, excellent high-temperature mechanical properties and difficult adhesion to metals, and can be widely used in the processing of difficult-to-machine materials. In the past three decades, the addition of various carbides, nitrides, borides, oxides, whiskers or small amounts of metals has been developed due to the effective control of raw material purity and grain size in the ceramic material manufacturing process. And the use of a variety of toughening and strengthening mechanisms, so that the strength, toughness and impact resistance of ceramic materials have been greatly improved.

(7) The coated wire drawing die is a newly developed new technology. The main method is to coat the metal film on the brushed die of the cemented carbide. The metal film is a pure titanium coating, which has the advantages of good finish and temperature resistance, titanium wear resistance and low cost, and has achieved good results in replacing the hard wire drawing die tool.