Reasonable installation and use of wire drawing equipment

- Jul 10, 2019-

As the saying goes, the line of one line loves the line. The friends who do the drawing production have no need to say about the love of the industry. When it comes to machinery and equipment, I believe that my friends are also very cherished. Today, I will share the use and maintenance of the drop-down mold. Everyone loves their own wire drawing equipment.

(1) The installation base of the wire drawing machine needs to be very stable to avoid vibration phenomenon;

(2) When installing, the tension axis of the wire should be symmetrical with the center line of the die hole, so that the stress of the wire and the wire drawing die is even;

(3) Avoid frequent starting of the parking during the pulling process, because the friction caused by the tensile stress at the time of pulling is much larger than the friction during the normal drawing, which is bound to increase the wear of the mold.