What are the production conditions of wire drawing dies

- Jun 19, 2019-

The application process of drawing die. Early failures are often present during the application of wire drawing dies. The factors of failure are usually wear, corrosion, blending, adhesion, and the like. The problem is not only to delay the consumption cycle, but also greatly increase the cost of consumption, which in turn affects the competitiveness of enterprises. To this end, the industry has introduced different treatment plans, and the titanium-plated surface treatment technology is a favorite plan to deal with the above problems most effectively. PVD coating technology can be applied to all kinds of wear, bite, corrosion, adhesion, blending, etc.

Tools, molds, mechanical parts, medical equipment, etc. Among them, the failure of the product caused by abrasion (such as: blanking, cold heading, powder molding, etc.) can improve the life of the product by more than 5-8 times; the bite causes the product or the mold to be pulled (such as: extension die, The drawing die, the flanging die, etc.) can be substantially treated after the coating.