What is a wire drawing die

- Apr 10, 2019-

Wire drawing dies generally refer to various molds for drawing metal wires, as well as wire drawing dies for drawing optical fibers. The center of all wire drawing dies has a certain shape of holes, round, square, octagonal or other special shapes.

As the metal is pulled through the die hole, the size becomes smaller and even the shape changes. When a soft metal (such as gold and silver) is pulled, the steel mold is sufficient, and the steel mold can have a plurality of holes of different pore sizes. The drawn steel wire (steel wire) is generally made of Tungsten carbide nib. The typical structure of the mold is a cylindrical (or slightly tapered) cemented carbide core closely embedded in a round steel sleeve. In the case, the inner hole of the core has a bell radius, an entrance angel, an artificial angle, a bearing, and a back relief. Pulling colored metal wires, such as copper and aluminum, also uses wire drawing dies similar to wire molds. The shape of the inner holes is somewhat different. The drawn wires can be used for polycrystalline molds (artificial diamonds), and the drawing dies of natural diamonds are used.