A Brief Introduction To Stamping Dies

- Jul 17, 2019-

a. Carbon tool steel

The carbon tool steel used in Dongguan stamping die is T8A, T10A, etc. The advantages are good processing performance and low price. However, the hardenability and the red hardness are poor, the heat treatment deformation is large, and the bearing capacity is low.

b. Low alloy tool steel

Low-alloy tool steel is based on carbon tool steel with the right amount of alloying elements. Compared with the carbon tool steel, the quenching deformation and cracking tendency are reduced, the hardenability of the steel is improved, and the wear resistance is also good. The low alloy steel used for the production of the mold includes CrWMn, 9Mn2V, 7CrSiMnMoV (code CH-1), 6CrNiSiMnMoV (code GD) and the like.

c. High carbon high chromium tool steel

Commonly used Dongguan stamping dies include Cr12 and Cr12MoV, Cr12Mo1V1 (code D2) and SKD11. They have good hardenability, hardenability and wear resistance, and have small heat treatment deformation. They are high wear-resistant micro-deformed die steels. Second only to high speed steel. However, the segregation of carbides is serious, and it is necessary to carry out repeated plucking (axial enthalpy, radial drawing) to forge to reduce the non-uniformity of carbides and improve the performance.