China's Fastener Molds Will Take The Route Of High-end Grades In The Near Future

- Apr 23, 2019-

In the continuous development of China's mold industry, fastener molds are also developing as an important component. The standardization, specialization and commercialization of mold parts have been improved, but at present, medium and high-grade fasteners are basically imported from abroad, and some products with high technical content, advanced structure, high quality, and convenient replacement are still available. Lack of self-produced products are some of the lower performance and less stable products.

Compared with foreign countries, China's mold standardization started late, with few product specifications, small production scale, poor circulation, and lack of medium and high-end products. In countries with developed industries, the development of fasteners is a top priority. Mold companies have seized the market. Used on molds that are not too demanding. Most countries with developed industries pay more attention to the development of fasteners. Of course, they are inseparable from standard fastener molds.