Some Difficulties In The Use Of Rivet Screws

- Apr 17, 2019-

1. Do not install rigid or stainless steel fasteners before anodizing or exterior treatment of aluminum sheets.

2. Do not remove the peripheral burrs before the device presses the rivet screws - the removal of burrs will cost the metal used to fasten the fasteners and plates.

3. Do not place the rivet screws closer to the device at the shortest edge spacing in this table.

4. Do not over-squeeze, this will flatten the head, deform the threads and bend the board. Before mass production, the best device force should be confirmed by experiments.

5. Do not attempt to install the fastener with a hammer. The hammer will not move the plate smoothly and will interlock with the contour of the rivet screw.

6. Do not install the screws from the head of the rivet screw. It is required from the opposite device of the head of the rivet screw so that the force of the rivet screw faces the plate.

7. Do not press the rivet screw on the pre-coating unit of the board.