What Is A Rivet Nut Column

- May 14, 2019-

The rivet nut column is also called a rivet stud or nut column. It is a kind of fastener used in sheet metal, sheet, chassis and cabinet. The rivet nut column has a hexagonal shape at one end and a cylindrical shape at the other end. There is an undercut between the side and the cylindrical shape, and the inner shape is an internal thread, and the hexagonal head is pressed into the preset hole of the thin plate by the press (the diameter of the preset hole is generally slightly larger than the outer diameter of the cylinder of the rivet stud) The periphery of the hole is plastically deformed, and the deformed portion is squeezed into the undercut groove of the rivet nut column, so that the rivet nut column is fastened to the thin plate, thereby forming an effective fixed internal thread on the thin plate.

The method of installing the blind hole rivet nut column on the thin plate:

In the use of the rivet studs, although the installation and method and principle have been determined, the rivet studs still need special riveting equipment for operation, which also ensures that the rivet studs can maintain stable operation after installation. A factor that is indispensable for performance. The head of the riveting press and the rivet stud should be vertically balanced during installation, and the pressure can be evenly pressed.